RedRose Montessori is a new  Montessori school in Tomball. Montessori method is developed by Maria Montessori, an Italian physician, and educator, over a century ago. She believed in the child’s individuality and independence in learning. Montessori method of education in the USA is now a well-accepted learning system among new parents.

RedRose Montessori School, located in Tomball (Texas), has programs that open creative learning opportunities for a 6-week-old infant to a 6-year-old child. Schools like RedRose Montessori School aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment for every child and play an important role in child development. The RedRose Montessori School engages the creativity of the children under their care by inducing unique activities in an independent environment. The teachers in every classroom support and guide the children at each stage of their development. This encourages the children to explore their individual strengths and interests and build confidence in their actions.

What is a Montessori School?

The Montessori education focuses on child development on all levels- physical, social, emotional and cognitive by providing a child-centered classroom. In schools like RedRose Montessori Schools, freedom within limits is encouraged within every child of a Montessori classroom, that is, the child gets to choose their activity for the day but from a list that is curated by their teacher. These teachers will act as their guide for throughout their long uninterrupted work time. The Montessori education system is based on self-directed activities, hands-on learning, and creative learning. This helps achieve maximum potential in child development. For someone who isn’t familiar with Montessori schools may find this chaotic but a visit into a Montessori classroom will change their mind.

What Is It Like Inside A Montessori Classroom?

For an outsider, the Montessori education system may seem a little out of control and not helpful in the real world. But on the contrary, the Montessori education system caters to the real world. By giving the choice of picking the activity they want to do for their 2-3 hours of uninterrupted work time encourages commitment and passion. The teachers create a list of a selection of activities that are proven to help in either physical, emotional or cognitive development. This way there is a controlled environment, but it also gives freedom to choose an activity that will install a sense of responsibility and independence to the child. Compared to a conventional school where the children are forced to follow the path their teachers have paved for them, the teachers in Montessori schools act as guides.

Unlike conventional schools, schools like RedRose Montessori Schools, have mixed-aged classrooms. This way, the younger students can learn from the elder ones, enforcing curiosity. Whereas, the elder students can help guide the younger ones, enforcing a caring personality in them. The mixed age groups in Montessori classrooms also enhance a socializing quality in the students amongst different age groups, cultures and ideologies.

Montessori schools cater to all ages from toddlers to adolescence. The Montessori education system enhances child development by encouraging intellectual independence, self- efficacy, self- confidence, and imagination. All these characteristics will foster a child who will know their place in their community, culture and the natural world.

Assistant Director/Business Manager

Job Type - Full-Time | Job Location - Mountain House

RedRose Montessori School in Mountain House, CA is searching for an experienced and self-motivated Assistant Director/Business Manager. We are looking for professional and long-term commitment candidate with a good understanding of the Montessori philosophy and love of early childhood education.

Benefits: Competitive pay based on experience and education. Paid Holidays Vacation Accrued Paid Time Off (PTO) Discount on tuition for staff children Incentives, Bonuses, Raises and Rewards based off of Job Performances Professional work environment

Why work for us? Because we are true to our mission and goal! We open the child’s innermost curiosities by nurturing their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual needs through an outstanding Montessori education.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and are committed to providing a workplace free of harassment and discrimination. At RedRose Montessori School, we strive do our best in helping every child while inspiring and drawing out the best in each other. All aspects of consideration for employment with RedRose Montessori Schools are governed on the basis of merit, competence and qualifications without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other category protected by federal, state, or local law

Time Commitment:

32-40 hrs. a week.  Minimum-32 hrs. a week.

Job Requirements:
Education & Experience:

A High School Diploma or Equivalent with any one of the following An Associate degree or higher in Child Care Administration or Early Childhood Education. A CDA or related credential or be enrolled and actively working. A minimum of 5 years’ experience in early childhood education, as well as knowledge and experience in the fields of management and finance.

Minimum Required Skills: Evidence of emotional maturity and stability including the ability to separate personal (emotional) with business/work (facts) Professional in dress, appearance and overall speech Be in agreement with philosophy, mission and overall direction of program Must be able to support the director and owner/board in all decisions Evidence of sufficient security and judgment to handle crisis situations and use supervision constructively. Knowledge of general learning theories and curriculum development as well as a demonstrated ability to develop new and imaginative programs. Articulate in making prepared and extemporaneous talks. Ability to train and supervise aides and other personnel guiding them in curriculum planning, in-service training, program goal setting, lesson plans, and establishing procedures for evaluating the children’s progress. Ability to use appropriate and positive discipline. Must be available for continuous employment without gaps other than those allowed in the Employee handbook. Must be able to multi-task, handle detailed work and work well in a small team environment. Ability to learn quickly Good command of the English language, including grammar, syntax, spelling Must possess excellent customer service and problem-solving skills, including the ability to maintain composure under stress. Must be able to speak distinctly and to communicate verbally with clients. Evidence of sufficient tact, discretion and good judgment to handle crisis situations. Must have CPR and first aid training Must have CPR and first aid training Must be acceptable to fulfill all the requirements for hire as per the DFPS licensing standards, including but not limited to background check requirement Physical stamina – must be able to bend, stand, sit on the floor etc. Must be able to lift a minimum of 35 pounds and stand for long periods of time as is required by the position Must be able to relate joyfully and sensitively to children and interact appropriately and professionally that provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment that supports the education and safety of children. Must be able to manage classrooms that are full based on the teacher/child ratio as mentioned in the Minimum Standards Must be able to organize the flow of a busy classroom.

Does your child has any fears?

Reporting Relationships: Reports directly to the director/owner.

Reporting Authority: Directly responsible for assistant teachers, aids and/or staff as assigned.

Limits of Authority: May take action without reporting: to assign staff responsibilities within program; to change a scheduled daily activity; to change room arrangement; to discipline child in a loving and positive way; to discuss child’s activity with parent. May take action but must report: to tell parents about sick child; to change curriculum for program; to leave the building with children; to report an accident needing medical attention or other significant incident. Must have prior approval to: to transfer child to another class; to remove a staff person; to order new equipment or school supplies; to release child to unauthorized person; to take time off; to refer parent to outside resources; to change shift hours of staff or teacher, to use irregular behavior modification with any child.

Responsibilities: Supervising the program daily, observing and evaluating and acting as a resource person for teachers ensuring the best practices in early childhood education. Hiring, orienting, supervising, training and evaluating staff to keep staff informed of program goals and developments and disciplining. Maintaining personnel records, reviewing time cards, maintaining all records and files, providing adequate staffing Processing applications in the child care software, placing children, maintaining maximum enrollment, and keeping required records on the children and staff Manage staff hours to maximize efficiency Ensuring the program meets the emotional, physical, intellectual and social needs of both the individual and the group by providing sound guidelines through handbooks and leadership. Shaping the program, leading, coordinating, making decisions, developing and maintaining a quality school. Providing a warm and safe environment that is orderly, clean and appealing and permits the child to grow and explore by supervising staff effectively. Assist staff in resolving conflicts between children and themselves Assist Director with daily operations Handle administrative responsibilities Pre-planning and coordination of any special events that will be organized at the school. Planning all staff meetings and recommending training programs and conferences, preparing public relations events and materials and emergency drill procedures. Preparation of various documents such as school newsletters, calendars, and other school related documentation. Ensure facilities are maintained and cleaned according to state regulations. Ensure facilities are maintained and cleaned according to state regulations. Keeping abreast of new developments in Early Childhood Education by attending conferences, training sessions, and reading and by communicating this information to staff, and parents Establishing and maintaining good communication with parents through newsletters, monitoring staff-parent communications, and conferring with parents about complaints, difficulties the child is experiencing on a daily informational basis. Experience with Windows based computer systems including Microsoft Office suite is required. Substitute in classes as needed Maintain and purchase inventory of equipment and supplies as needed with the approval of the Center Director. Using appropriate and positive discipline treating all children and staff with dignity and respect. Ensure that the Policies and Procedures mentioned in the Employee Handbook are followed.

Professional Development Maintains necessary and needed training annually to stay current in professional area Maintains First Aid and CPR. Maintains state minimum required training hours for child care worker. Maintains Universal Precautions training. Maintains Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting Training.

Cleanliness Maintain an environment (both indoors and outdoors) that is safe, clean, and inviting Monitors staff to maintain the cleanliness requirements of the facility and guides them to maintain the school’s standard of cleanliness.

Health & Safety Practices personal health and safety procedures throughout the day. Must follow and implement all rules set forth in the Employee Handbook regarding Health and Safety, including but not limited to the emergency drill procedures. Monitors staff to maintain the health and safety requirements of the facility and guides them to maintain the school’s standards.

Other Policies Maintains teacher student ratio in classrooms Is aware of medications, allergies, food intolerances, etc. Is knowledgeable on how to administer emergency medications

Faculty Policies Flexible in job assignment and cooperative with leadership staff and other staff members. Maintains confidentiality Ensure safety and well-being of children at all times Organizes and leads staff meetings, including special group meetings – is prepared to discuss group and personal responsibilities (e.g. class activities, lesson plans, parent interaction, and other delegated duties) as well as any conflicts or disagreements that may occur Set up and Manage open house and programs for parents. Maintains positive attitude toward work, coworkers, children, and families. Knows school routine and sees that it is followed. Understand and accept responsibility for training of other staff members as assigned. Completes needed daily reports and incident reports Communicates with Management regarding all accidents and illnesses. Any concerns talk to management. Makes sure all areas are supervised In/Outside. Teachers should be spread out on playground Intervenes to stop teasing and rejection due to race and/ physical characteristics. Must have CPR and first aid training Must have completed mandatory in-service hours per DFPS licensing standards Must be acceptable to fulfill all the requirements for hire as per the DFPS licensing standards, including but not limited to background check requirement. Must have knowledge of local, state, and federal laws regarding safety requirements and inspection and certification procedures and ensure that the center complies with those requirements. Evaluates and purchases equipment and supplies for the center or approves requests to purchase materials and equipment with the permission of the owner/Center Director Must Ensures that all staff meet the requirements for their jobs including maintaining their own qualifications.

Personal Appearance Dresses appropriately according to dress code. Makes sure staff involves children in general upkeep and tidiness.

Parent Interaction Has consistent professional, child/work-related, and positive interaction with all parents. Makes sure all written communication is approved through them prior to being sent out. Sends weekly emails and reminders to parents through newsletters, weekly reminders etc.

Behavior with Children Actively engaged with the children at all times Children have opportunities to talk about their experiences and engage in conversation. Children have opportunities to talk about their experiences and engage in conversation. Accepts/respects children’s questions. Encourages children to express possible solutions/answers. Has frequent and positive interaction with children. Engages in meaningful conversation. Speaks to child at child’s level (bends low). Demonstrates affection by smiling, holding, appropriate touching, and speaking in a calm voice. Be an example for the children Is responsive to children.
• Listens to children with attention and respect.
• Responds to children’s ideas and suggestions.
• Acknowledges/verbalizes children’s feelings. Listens and responds respectfully to other adults and children.

Discipline Method Acts as role model. Understands and monitors proper use of discipline policy by staff.
• Looks for cause of behavior
• Redirects.
• Restates rules.
• Recognizes positive behavior. Is consistent and follows through. Uses positive language and exhibits self-control. Has knowledge of rules and polices and follows them in all circumstances.

Planning and Preparation of Lessons and Environment Monitor the record of activities and progress in the child’s recordkeeping software to confirm staff is keeping the child’s record & lesson plans updated. Classroom and day must be child oriented Classroom activities encourage the development of language skills and promote understanding of diversity Will Assist staff to develop an appropriate lesson plan if the staff needs. Classroom is arranged to encourage children to participate in a variety of age-appropriate activities.
• Environment is arranged prior to the arrival of children.
• There is a balance of furniture and space.
• All learning areas are available for children’s choice.
• Furniture is arranged to encourage appropriate behavior. Ensures materials and equipment in the classroom are ample, safe, and appropriate to the developmental needs of children. If not, provides suggestions to management in doing so. The use of television, films and video is limited. Multicultural materials are evident (poster, books, music, dolls, etc.)

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