RedRose Montessori is a new  Montessori school in Tomball. Montessori method is developed by Maria Montessori, an Italian physician, and educator, over a century ago. She believed in the child’s individuality and independence in learning. Montessori method of education in the USA is now a well-accepted learning system among new parents.

RedRose Montessori School, located in Tomball (Texas), has programs that open creative learning opportunities for a 6-week-old infant to a 6-year-old child. Schools like RedRose Montessori School aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment for every child and play an important role in child development. The RedRose Montessori School engages the creativity of the children under their care by inducing unique activities in an independent environment. The teachers in every classroom support and guide the children at each stage of their development. This encourages the children to explore their individual strengths and interests and build confidence in their actions.

What is a Montessori School?

The Montessori education focuses on child development on all levels- physical, social, emotional and cognitive by providing a child-centered classroom. In schools like RedRose Montessori Schools, freedom within limits is encouraged within every child of a Montessori classroom, that is, the child gets to choose their activity for the day but from a list that is curated by their teacher. These teachers will act as their guide for throughout their long uninterrupted work time. The Montessori education system is based on self-directed activities, hands-on learning, and creative learning. This helps achieve maximum potential in child development. For someone who isn’t familiar with Montessori schools may find this chaotic but a visit into a Montessori classroom will change their mind.

What Is It Like Inside A Montessori Classroom?

For an outsider, the Montessori education system may seem a little out of control and not helpful in the real world. But on the contrary, the Montessori education system caters to the real world. By giving the choice of picking the activity they want to do for their 2-3 hours of uninterrupted work time encourages commitment and passion. The teachers create a list of a selection of activities that are proven to help in either physical, emotional or cognitive development. This way there is a controlled environment, but it also gives freedom to choose an activity that will install a sense of responsibility and independence to the child. Compared to a conventional school where the children are forced to follow the path their teachers have paved for them, the teachers in Montessori schools act as guides.

Unlike conventional schools, schools like RedRose Montessori Schools, have mixed-aged classrooms. This way, the younger students can learn from the elder ones, enforcing curiosity. Whereas, the elder students can help guide the younger ones, enforcing a caring personality in them. The mixed age groups in Montessori classrooms also enhance a socializing quality in the students amongst different age groups, cultures and ideologies.

Montessori schools cater to all ages from toddlers to adolescence. The Montessori education system enhances child development by encouraging intellectual independence, self- efficacy, self- confidence, and imagination. All these characteristics will foster a child who will know their place in their community, culture and the natural world.

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RedRose Montessori School offers the finest Montessori curriculum in Cypress and Tomball, TX neighborhood. Our multi-tiered classrooms engage young learners from 6 weeks to 6 years old, and foster a deep love for independent learning and social responsibility. From our caregivers at the infant level to our credentialed instructors at the 1st grade level, we’ll closely monitor, care for and support your children’s needs. From gentle stimulation of their senses, to positive challenges that will reinforce their independence and unique learning activities that will engage their creativity, we support every learner at each stage of their development.

An after school program isn’t just advantageous for children; for some, they’re crucial. They help in homework completion, encourage good behavior in the classroom, and provide a productive outlet during and after school hours. An after-school program, today, will not limit its focus on academics but with a holistic sense of overall development of the student population.

Here are some of the topics covered in the After School Program offered at RedRose Montessori School.





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Montessori (pronounced MON-tuh-SORE-ee) is a comprehensive educational approach from birth to adulthood based on the observation of children’s needs in a variety of cultures all around the world. The Montessori environment contains specially designed, manipulative “materials for development” that invite children to engage in learning activities of their own individual choice. Under the guidance of a trained teacher, children in a Montessori classroom learn by making discoveries with the materials, cultivating concentration, motivation, self-discipline, and a love of learning.

Today, Montessori schools are found worldwide, serving children from birth through adolescence. In the United States, there are more than 4,000 private Montessori schools and more than 200 public schools with Montessori-styled programs.

Every summer, we take our core Montessori beliefs, stir in some sunshine, and add a splash of water to create an excellent summer learning opportunity for your child. We offer weekly enrichment camps designed with a different theme every week. The themes are designed around the interests of children in order to balance fun activities and academic interests.

Further information will be made available at the beginning of May.

Our Enrichment Programs offers a wide variety of after school enrichment classes for toddler, preschool and primary school age children. Enrichment programs at RedRose serve as fundamental components to help your child achieve the goal effectively. Music, dance, visual arts, foreign language learning and soccer are our exceptional enrichment program series. These enrichment programs encourage your children to explore different avenues of learning.

Children have an intrinsic, or natural, motivation to learn and will do so if given the right resources and opportunities in the classroom. The first six years of a child’s life are the most formative. Teachers in our classroom are merely facilitators and observers of learning; children have the ability to direct their own learning without interference from adults.

Primary (3 – 6 years)

In the Primary classroom, we evaluate each individual student readiness to determine the lesson plan that the primary student teacher needs to create for each child. This is because in our classrooms, the teacher monitors each student and the lesson plan progresses based on the mastery level for each child. We have a warm and welcoming environment with teachers who are ready to provide guidance and support, but our students are also widely encouraged to be the leader of their education, even at a young age.

Transition (2 to 3 years)

Transition classroom is where our children begin to leave behind their baby years. Their motor and perceptual skills, social skills, and most dramatically, their cognitive powers are catapulting them into new territory. Expectations for the child’s planned educational experiences increase as they proceed to Transition classroom. In this class, we train them to be ready for the Primary classroom by helping them get potty trained, move around the classroom independently, chose work appropriately, stay in circle time for a longer period without wandering, demonstrates self-help skills during lunch time, verbalizes wants and needs, finish the longer Montessori work period.  Our transition curriculum is an extension of the toddler curriculum and focuses on Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language Arts, Visual Arts & Music.

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